Always a bridesmaid . . . .

No, we didn't win, but we had a great time at the GNN Best of the Net awards party.

What a party! Held at San Francisco's Fort Mason, with wonderful food and drink, GNN spared no expense to show us a first class time. The entertainment by D'Cuckoo, a "techno-tribal dance band," was outstanding!

Our thanks to Lisa Gansky and Lyn Chitow of GNN for putting it together and inviting us to take part.

Since the winner in the Literature - Amateur division was Hyperizons: The Hypertext Fiction Homepage, put together by Michael Schumate at Duke, I didn't get a chance to make my speech. (view manuscript) So here it is:

"Grandpa Scott wrote these letters to his lady friend, expecting her to be the only one to read them. Well, here they are on a 20-foot screen. They've been on television in Japan, in the Los Angeles Times, and in several magazines and a few books."

"Do you know where your secret stash of love letters is tonight?"

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23 May 2010