This document,which seems to be in Newton Scott's handwritting, is marked "Copy." It appears to be a copy of a letter from the convicted spy David O. Dodd to his parents on the morning of his hanging. The copy may have been included with one of Newton's regular letters to Hannah Cone.

Military Prison Little Rock

Jan.. 8th.. 10 oclock am 1864
My Dear Parents & Sisters
I was arrested as a Spy & Tried & Sentenced to Be Hung to Day at 3 oclock.. the time is fast approaching But thank God I am Prepared to Die I Exspect meet you all in Heaven I will Soon Be out of this World of Sorrow & Trouble I would like to See you all Before I Die But let God's will Be Done not Ours I Pray to God to give you Strength to Bear your Troubles while in this World I Hope God will Receive you in Heaven there I will meet you. . . Mother I Know it will Be Hard for you to give up your only Son But you must Remember that it is Gods will

Good Bye God will give you Strength to Bear your Troubles I Pray that we may meet in Heaven
Good Bye God Bless you all
Your Son & Brother

David O. Dodd

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